Providing the facility and capability to use local expertise..

The Company intends to expand its reach in the agro industrialization strategy of Sri Lanka by providing 500 direct employment and 1500 indirect employment once commercial operations of the new plant commences. Additionally SDK United Agri Ventures would increase its empowerment of small holders to 20,000.

Providing the facility and capability to use local expertise and knowledge to ensure a fair social and economical situation while preserving and sustaining the environment. During this process, the farmer becomes a crop professional with clear market orientation. The farmers are trained with all the best practices to create sustainable production, and also to escalate the quality of their living.

Company currently works with 18,000 small holders of which 12,000 maize and 6000 soya farmers in Anuradhapura and Monoragala. SDK United Agri Ventures procures 20% maize production and 80% of Soya seeds in a normal production season.



Providing best farming practices

SDK United Agri Ventures prides itself in providing best practices to our local farmers enabling them to maximize yields and also familiarize themselves with modern farming techniques in Soil Management, Irrigation, Fertilization and Cropping. Our team of experts comprise of former Agrarian Staff Officers who are passionate about uplifting local farmers and their livelihood. We at SDK United Agri Ventures have taken it a step further by proving the children of farmers with access to education & helping them stay abreast with the globally accepted right education.

We strongly believe that by educating our children we provide our nation with a next generation with the capacity to develop and discover themselves, thereby adding value to their families. It is our fervent hope that these children would grow to be modern farmers with a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.



Environment friendly genetic modified crops

SDK United Agri Ventures pays serious attention to the environment as Agriculture is often considered to impact the environment and ground waters from chemicals added to the soil during the agricultural practices. It is common today to talk about Sustainable agriculture with its meaning hardly known.

We at SDK Agri Ventures believe that Organic fertilization of crops holds the future to creating a balance between agricultural sustainability and the environment. The use of modern farming technology and methods need to be embraced in order to supply the global food demand.


Quality and dependability

It is with the Vision that SDK United Agri Ventures has established a wider network of Global Suppliers and buyers across South East Asia, South Asia, USA and Ukraine.

We specialize in Corn – Maize as it is one of the most important agricultural markets given its diverse range of end users. SDK United Agri Ventures is a strong player in the Soya bean market with established market links.