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The Company started its humble beginnings 8 years ago

Began with the current Chairman’s’ acquisition of a farmland from world renowned FMCG Company UNILIVERS!

His journey has since translated to bringing about tangible results to farmers, their families and  the people of Sri Lanka who currently enjoy the products on offer by SDK  United Agri Ventures namely maize and Soya animal feed raw material and edible oil. The company is currently home to 120 employees and with factories located primarily in the South Western part of the island namely the districts of Anuradhapura & Monaragala. They presently boast of a distributorship of 140 Agents located all over the island.

Is to create and enable a supply chain agro manufacturing environment to produce Soya products according to internationally accepted health and safety standards. To increase the present 500 Metric ton soya grain output capacity complex and refinery system, to a 3000 Metric ton facility by 2030.

To develop internationally accepted Soya product range to suit modern and growing consumer markets while ensuring an  end to end supply chain that is Professionally managed and delivered on time.

SDK United Agri Ventures prides itself as being a family passionate about agriculture. Our core values are teamwork, integrity, embracing diversity while respecting each other.

Today SDK United Agri Ventures has grown to a one billion rupee balance sheet generating a healthy ROE. SDK United Agri Ventures with its experience gathered in manufacturing activity is venturing out to become a regional supplier of both raw material and edible oil. To this end the company is developing an ambitious plan to upgrade its current technology, processes, marketing strategies and human capital in order to fully exploit agro industrialization in Sri Lanka.

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Our team combines expertise in life sciences and medical sector, as well as in technology.

Athula Senevirathne - Chairman

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(WWV, RWP,RSP,VSV,USP,ndu,psc) Chief Operating Officer



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